Sunday, July 13, 2008


today I wanted to print and frame on off my pictures in a decent size and was shocked about the cost.

Appr. Outside Dimensions: 22 5/16" x 29 11/16"

DSC747_1 15 1/4" x 22 5/8"

Giclee print on Premium Semimatte Photo Paper $28.80

BM7 Black Magic - Beaded Profile
21" x 28 3/8"

Arctic White w/Black Core Mat 21" x 28 3/8"
Window 15" x 22 3/8" - Delete

Framing Kit: Premium Clear Acrylic & Foamcore Backing $43.00

Professional Assembly Fee $29.95



179$ for a frame and print is just a little bit steep for my taste. Sure the preview looks beautiful, but still...

it seems like I need to look at some frames from ikea and cut my own mat boards. To save some money on this process.

I did order a print of this picture to see how large I can print with my camera, after post processing and how good of a job mpix does. There print costs are defiantly way lower and if I'm happy with the quality I can order the prints there and the frame somewhere else.

So much about saving this month...

cloth: 200$
hd for mac: 110$
print: 50$

enjoying live, priceless

Mpix Lab

ProductsQuantityItem Total

20" x 30" Very Large Print (True Digital B&W Paper)131.99

Water-Based Lustre Coating13.04

Double Weight Matboard113.25


Oliver Fiehn said...

Is that Lindsey?

Gert Wohlgemuth said...

yes indeed.