Sunday, July 13, 2008

the more I look at current high end compact cameras the less I understand why people actually buy them.

I mean

So the only compact camera which does really nice pictures and which you actually can take with you instead of a D-SLR is the Sigma DP-1

  • to slow
This is the only thing which really bugs me. I can live with the awful menu. I mean I want to use it for street photography, so I put it in aperture or shutter priority mode and to iso 100 or 400 dependings on my goal.

Done nothing else todo.

That the lens has F/4 which is sad, but I don't know how to put a faster lens into such a compact camera. And again for street photographie it should be fast enough. But to wait 7 seconds between pictures is a damn long time. Specially at this price tag.

But it looks at iso 800 better than my D80...

I mean these pictures look nice

But one thing is sure If I'm going to buy a compact camera it's going to be soon.

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