Saturday, July 12, 2008

well sexy toyes...

i really considering to get this to have a small portable camera for trips and just daily picture taking. I see so often beautiful landscapes or nice street scenes and never have a camera with me. Now you could argue you could just buy a cheap compact camera for like 150 - 200$ (cheap is relative), but there sensors are just so small and noisy and this camera is supposed to have a very nice large sensor.

well I think about it and wont buy it before adobe releases a lightroom plugin to handle the raw data of this camera.

...yes I know it got raving reviews for the picture and awfully reviews for the menu handling. And you need to go for everything into the menu. Well I guess I wait for a nikon or canon model with the same nice chip and just buy a small 35mm/f2 lens for the trips and maybe take the 90mm with me...

but the 35mm F/2 cost 300$ and the camera cost 700 - 300 == effective 400...

what do I want?

  • aps sized sensor - sigma got it
  • compact format - sigma got it
  • manual control with dedicated wheels, buttons - sigma lacks this
  • F/2.8 if possible since F/4 is kinda slow - sigma lacks in this
  • 28 or 35mm, both is fine, interchangeable would be perfect, sigma got parts of it
  • around 500$ - sigma cost 300$ more
  • fast write speed - sigma really lacks in this
basically a digital rangefinder like a leica M8, just affordable and not 8k$.

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