Saturday, July 12, 2008

pycuda and me,

well the last two weeks I'm sitting here and learning python and C again to utilize the calculation power of cuda and current nvidia gpus for calculations. I don't have any real use for this yet, but it's an interesting idea and maybe we can work it into something.

So far I rewrote the complete python math module to allow the execution of the standard math functions on a gpu instead of the gpu and the results are pretty impressive.

For example to calculate the acos function on 524k floats is 1000x faster than to calculate it on the gpu. Now I have no idea were I could use this, but hey it's nice to have.

I also created my own fork of pycuda under:

to speed up the development, since the original developer won't have time to merge my changes with the main repository, at least not all the time.
Benefit is I learn another source code management system. And git is defnitly the nices system I used sofar, but svn with still much simpler and has the benefit of more available tools. Specially I miss a git fisheye integration.

Now I just have to figure out why my ohloh ranking keeps dropping and does not increase over the time...

I also was not able to get an iphone yet, but atleast it will get cheaper once the demand settles and hopefully they improve it even more. I also don't know If I really need it...

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