Thursday, February 09, 2006

current events, actually nothing happens in the last week so far, me and my girl are trying to get rid of one of our flats so that we can move together. I went a couple of times snowboarding, this weekend I will try to go to the chinese new year festival in san francisco.

yeah life is boring right now. The picture is by the way a nice sunset in Davis and I have 3 days left until my Nikon test software expires and afterwards I running in problems to edit my raw pictures. Mhm I think I try a gimp plugin and if this not works. Then I have to buy it in March/April, whenever I have another 100$ to play with. But I stil think there are a couple of things which should be included in the camera package, like the 10$ remote I just ordered or the 100$ software, which is essential for this camera.

Anyway so I have right now 5 things on my toylist i wanna have up to the end of the year

1. a speedlight
2. a nice bag for laptop and camera
3. a 2.8 zoomlens
4. a surfboard
5. 3000$ in savings

hm part 5 sounds the important one right now to me... lets start with this , and I think I have to much and to expensive hobbys, a rough calculation

1. snowboarding during the winter time, 800$ a year
2. windsurfing during the summer, 1300$ a year ( need a new board, old one is to small)
3. camera stuff 600$ a year -> needed for other hobbys to make nice pictures

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