Sunday, February 12, 2006

After beeing at work all weekend long, I tried to compare photoshop cs2 and gimp 2.10. What I wanted is to convert a simple picture of a sunset to black and white (ir) mode. The reason for this was just, that I need a nice programm for maipulating my pictures and I always want to go with the opensource version, so why should I use photoshop, except that I have more experience with it.

For example the picture on the right was created with photoshop cs in 2 minutes of adjusting some layers.

In gimp it was a little bit more difficullt. At first I had to play with the channels and afterwards I needed to optimize the curve to get a nice picture. The gimp version (left picture) has also a little bit more noise in the picture compared to the cs2 version. And less details

anyway I don't see me buying a photoshop license for 700$ just because some things are simple.

I also fixed my problem with the "Nikon Capture It" software by using a gimp plugin what can convert the files for me from nef to jpg, or just shoot in jpg mode anyway. Sure the software provide some nice features, but like always, gimp gives me at least one alternative.

To the left again is the original picture taken with a D50 and my 300mm zoom. I also figured out what I really need is a wide/superwide lens, because I tried to make some landscape pictures today and with my smalles zoom (28mm - 80mm x 1.5 factor). It's just not possible.

That means up to now I can take nice shots of flowers, can take shots of birds and airplanes, if I get them close enough. Sure these shots are all kinda unsharp, because I can't make a picture of an airplane, flying 300 mph with a stativ. Because the airplane is than already gone. And birds are even less patient! I think they had fun, watching me assembling everything, setup up the cam, setting the right settings for the light and finally I wanna press the shutter and the bird flew to the next tree. But on the other hand.

I just don't see me spending money on a 80 - 400mm VR lens from Nikon what you can buy for 1400$ from amazon. And the cheapest wideangle, cost also 400$ ( due the factor of my cam).

So lets focus on things far far away and not moving... Because for this I have everything I need, except for a flash. But this comes later, I have to learn to take pictures without a flash first

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