Monday, January 16, 2006

What are you doing on a nice rainy saturday? After a short stop in Walnut Creek I drove to San Francisco to pick 2 of my friends up and made with them a tour throw San Francisco. The traffic was like ever well organized, means the half city was shutdown and the other half was pissed and vrowed because of this. A while later and 68 pictures, my cam tol me, no more memory, please insert another card, wtf. I need a bigger SD Card 512MB are to small and to get all 45 minutes the laptop and transfer the data, it sucks. So I made some calculations, a fast SD Card with 512 MB cost 80$, with 1GB cost 130$, 2GB cost 250$ and a palm lifedrive which can hold 4 GB (and is an organizer) cost 400$. So the question is what should I get, a portable storage solution, which can hold 400 picures, or some more
SD cards which can only hold pictures? The problem is just that I'm broke, don't want to spend anymore money and affraid about the lifedrive, because it has so bad reviews.... And don't really need a palm, its just nicer to carry arround instead of a laptop and is the same price like 2 sd cards. We shoot close to 3 GB pictures this weekend.

anyway, after we left San Francisco, we went to Vacaville (middle of nowhere) because stepan and katja have to go shopping... a while later, actually a long time later we finally got to davis (next to the middle of nowhere), made dinner and afterwards we went to the graduate for country night... was interressting.

other pictures from SF you can find under: here

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