Monday, January 16, 2006

something about my style of pictures

so the most people are asking them self now, why are all these pictures in this special style, called septia. Maybe I like this style and it gives them an interessting touch. For example which picture is nicer?

the black white modus is just way to cold and is better for portraits anyways. The sepia is kinda warm and looks interessting and the original, is just boring and didn't say anything. except for look its foggy out here and I'm a tree.

but sometimes if you want to show someting with nice colors at a sunny day, for example macro shots from plants, you won't choose sepia.

in this example its obious, the natural flower is the nicest one. And black&sepia are just looking wrong. Another really good example are clouds.

so cunclusion, for landscapes sepia can look nice and should be used very carfully with everything else?

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