Monday, December 17, 2012


recently my wife and I talked a bit more about me and my woodworking hobby, since our garage is now more or less a complete wood-workshop (Still missing a jointer, but no space). One of her main concerns is my safety, especially after I got a bloody nose from a flying piece of Wood, due to some form of kickback. Apparently it's a bad idea to cut a round piece of wood on a band-saw and I learned yet another lesson. Wear a face-shield, not only when you work on the lathe.

Now the scary thing was, that if the same thing would have happened on the Table Saw, instead of the flying piece of wood, I possible would look at serious surgery and a bill of 40-50k$ to reattach missing fingers. Needless to say, we are selling the tablesaw right now and replacing it with a SawStop model, to reduce this risk. Since frankly there is no reason not to do it.

Now you might wounder what a SawStop is and how it's different?

It basically has a monitoring system, triggers a brake, if it discovers a finger touching the sawblade. Which is mostly useful during a kickback event, when you hand get's drawn into the blade rather suddenly.

Only question left is, which particular model to get. I'm kinda considering the 52" Fence model or the 36" Fence model, since this is about as big as I can go in my garage. While still being able to park a car.

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