Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finishing the dog house roof supports

after we cut the tenons and mortises last week, it was now time to put all these pieces together using cross lab joints.

Like these, except that there is a mortise in the middle. We need some overlap in these joints, to avoid the wood splitting while the glue is drying.

Now there are several methods of doing these joints. You can use a saw, chisel and bull nose plane, but since I was short this kind of plane I needed another method. So instead we used a small trimm router and a 1/2 mortise bit. Kinda the wrong bit for the job, but I had this laying around so...

one of our mortises from the last week

the lower part of the cut lap joint

all the assembled joints.
 Next step is cutting the rabbits for the siding and start working on the rafters.

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