Sunday, September 09, 2012

Pearl Habour

during my stay in Hawaii, I had togo to Pearl Habor, since this has been one of the most significant places in the States and especially the State of Hawaii in the last 100 years.

And sadly the security guidelines were so strict, that I could not bring my long lenses into the memorial to take pictures and was so limited to using a 10-20mm wide angle lens. Which basically means that I could get only one decent shot.

one of the old submarines in front of the memorial of the submarines, which sunk/disappeared during the second world war.
I actually really learned a lot at this particular part, for example that the average service live of a submarine was only 6-8 Month (just a guess based on the numbers, no statistical evidence available), before it 'disappeared' during the war. Yes there were some, which survived for 2-3 years. But most of them were lost on sea during the first 6 months of there service.

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