Thursday, July 26, 2012

Honeymoon - Part 4 Slagelse/Denmark

the 4th stage of our honey moon were 3 days in the Kingdom of Denmark. More precise in the little town Slagelse. Where we had to work for 2 days to install our second international BinBase system.

Sadly this also meant that we had no real time togo sightseeing and instead just walked around the town and spend a little bit time at the beach.

Now I really wanted to try some original danish food here, but for some strange reasons all the Danish restaurants (there was only one...) were closed for vacation and so we did the next best thing. We went to a real american steakhouse in Denmark, which was surprisingly good and we rather enjoyed the food here.

The only disappointment was that our airline went bankrupt and so we had to buy last minute $$$ tickets at the airport, to continue to our next and final stage. Lanzarote/Spain of the northwest coast of Africa.
Needless to say Orbitz is still stating it was not there fault and refuses to reimburse us for the additional expenses we had with this and I'm getting tired of going from supervisor to supervisor to supervisor in the hope to make them see my point. We know it's not there fault that the Airline went bankrupt, but it is there fault of sending us an email 'prepare for your trip', which does not state the fact that the flight does not exist anymore.

They also did not update there webpage to reflect this change, so the blame is theirs and that every person told us something different so far is not helping either.

Orbitz employee: Sir you missed your flight, this is not our fault
Me: mam, the Flight did not exist and we were not informed about this, the airline went bankrupt
Orbitz employee: Sir this is not true, your flight was just changed there was no bankruptcy
Me: please do me the favor and google the name of the airline, they declared bankruptcy 3rd of May, 2012
Orbitz employee: this is correct we send you an email regarding this
Me: sorry this email was never delivered
Orbitz employee: our records show..
Me: do your records also show that you send an email to me on 23rd of June, called 'prepare for your trip'?
Orbitz employee: yes, but...
Me: which airline and flight number is mentioned in this email?
Orbitz employee: cimber sterling, 545
Me: do you understand what the problem is
Orbitz employee: let me transfer you to my supervisor

And this game continues. At this point we raised them to get a voucher of 100$ instead of the standard 75$ and my response was, that we only have 750$ togo before I consider myself reimbursed and we like cash. Let's see when I hear from orbitz the next time...

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