Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Being married since 363 Days

For our one year anniversaery we decided to go for a short 3 day trip in the mountains and relaxed a bit,without phones, iPads and computers. Just Robin, Rosie, Basil and me.

Yip we decided to take the little monsters with us...

sometimes they are a bit vicious and tell each other 'no'

After a couple of miles, hiking with the puppies, which could be also called a stop-motion hike. We finally made it to the top.
 Why do I call it stop motion? Well let's put it this way, every couple of meters a different person saw our puppies and had to pet them and asks about there 'live story'. But at least the pups are nice and don't bite people and we are slowly getting the jumping under control.

yip they are getting rather large...
We are also at the point, were we can't really carry the puppies anymore. Since they are just getting to big and awkward to carry. Needless to say that they are over 30lbs and don't stop moving doesn't help either.

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