Wednesday, April 18, 2012

trouble in paradise...

now in the last couple of days some unfortunate events occurred, which are causing our future plans to get slightly to massively tangled up.

The first issue was that we discovered termites in our condo and so had to contact our landlord regarding this. Now termites seem to be rather common in california and are basically everywhere. You just need to take care of them and discourage them to move into your house or they will eat it... Now running some numbers, it would take roughly 5800 years until they would be finished with our condo. So we have some time...

Well once we contacted our landlord and requested a 'pet friendly' approach to our termite solution. We immediate received an email regarding 'our no pet clause' in the lease. Which were news to us, since the same landlord praised the place as 'dog friendly' and perfect with the backyard and the tiles to raise a dog.

Needless to say, we were rather surprised and now keep exchanging emails since days, to have a 'pet' inspection by our landlord, which fits everyones schedule.

we mean no harm...
is it possible that our little two puppies, will have us evicted from our home soonish? We really did not plan on buying a house this year and really wanted to wait till next summer.

Needless to say, we both decided to start looking at houses to buy now and not rent yet another place. Since it makes no sense.

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