Monday, May 09, 2011

food tasting in San Francisco - Zingari

there are terrible things you have todo while preparing a wedding. One of the most frustrating thing is you need togo out to nice resturant and are forced to taste there delicious food.

So after testing 2 different italian resturants in San Francisco we decided on...



there food is really tasty, it doesn't break the bank. They basically give you a 20% discount. The dinner we had was very good, the decoration was ok. And the owner of the restaurant actually joined us, showed us around.
They also provide us we an ala carte menu and so there is something for everybody. Be it vegetarians or carnivores.

Anyway, let's cut to the chase, The review of the food


one of the appetizer was the classic italian dish bruschetta. Which was enhanced with an olive paste as a foundation. The bread was really crisp and the topping incredible moist, while the olive paste stopped the bread from getting soggy. Instead of plain garlic, they used roasted garlic, which gave the dish a certain sweetness.
Short it was the best bruschetta I had so far.

For our main dish we chose something I refer to as a tasty bolognese. Sure it has a more fancy title. But it was basically Rigatoni with a meat sauce.
Now there were a lot of exciting dishes on the menu, which I'd had loved much more. But not everybody has the desire to eat something exciting or something they can't pronounce. So this was basically the most boring dish they had.
And it was absolutely tasty and delicious. It was incredible flavorful, the peas were very sweet and I was just really really impressed by it and all of our testers liked it. This is also the only dish which is offered as vegetarian option.


As desert we had the all time classic dish, Tiramisu and we all had plenty of these in our life. Sadly I did not take a picture for some strange reason.
Even more sadly it started out very very tasty and than it became really soggy. Now for there defense, Robin and my Friend Kim bothed loved the dish and did not understand why I'm so critical about it. It's just every time I bit down on one of the embedded cookies, I felt like biting into a capsule of water, which killed the experience for me.

The espresso

well after a good italian dish you need a cup of esspresso. I thought. Well I have to the change this statement to
you need a good cup of espresso
Sadly the espresso was one of the worst I ever had. It was just bitter and had no body at all.


appetizer 5/5
entree 5/5
desert 3/5
espresso 1/5

After Zingari we went to another restaurant, called Credo

For some reason Robin and I both felt not to good and were just exhausted. So we ordered an appetizer and an entree. Which were both ok, but nothing special. The resturant was just pale compared to the first experience, it was a nightmare to get to the bathrooms and it was so loud in the restaurant that you could barley hold a conversation.

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