Wednesday, May 11, 2011

engagement picture

last night we met with my friends Sara and Martin and Martin was so nice to take a couple hundred pictures of us, so that we have a bunch of shots as engagement pictures and while being out there I realized that I haven't been shooting or posing people for a long time. And he kept asking me where to put us and I had honestly no idea and felt so plain helpless...
Guess that's an excuse to shoot a bit more again and maybe get my photo business up and running again.

Anyway here are some of the pictures I personally really like.

she's not going to run away...

old gray men need some rest from time to time

we always hanging out somewhere

you are never to old to go down a slide

but than we didn't have to slide that far

our relationship is defiantly more stable than this platform 

made it at last

thanks Martin for these beautiful pictures! I hope you don't mind the postprocessing I did!

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