Saturday, April 30, 2011

san diego - Wedding of Kaely and Jake - The rehearsal

after a 'nice' and 'fun' 8h drive from Davis to Carlsbad/San Diego we arrived at the Wedding location of Robins dear friends Kaely and Jake. Which we are planning to attend this sunday. But today it was time of the Reharsal of the Wedding, or in other words. The practice and training.

And I honestly have to say. Do people have to practice everything? Does everything has to become a play?

I mean I understand that you need to have a rough idea where everybody is going to be and which roles everybody has. But there should be a limit to everything and some things should be just natural.

Also I assume you should roughly know when to walk down the aisle.

Guess we have to sit down again and plan a bit more how our wedding is supposed to work and specially where we put all the guests at our rather small venue.

Well at least it gave me some moments to take some pictures and 'hunt' some ducklings on the property.
three little ducklings

Unrelated it gives me also the chance to secretly snap some more pictures of my fiance, when she is not looking for once. Well judging by the smile she saw me after all.

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