Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pastrami Sandwhiches

ever since I tried pastrami my first time I wanted todo it myself. But it's so much work todo it right. First you have to bure the meat (brisket) for 2-3 days, than you have to smoke it for 3-5h and last but not least you are supposed to let it rest for 24-48h and than steam it.

Well I took a short cut and bought cured meat and smoked it and didn't let it rest...

And was rewarded with wonderful tasty, but a touch salty pastrami Sandwhiches, which had this amazingly purple/reddish meat

Let's see how they taste cold, tomorrow after a night in the frigde. Maybe I steam them afterall and make sandwiches for our trip to San Diego?

taken from here since I didn't had the camera handy

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