Tuesday, March 22, 2011

back from monterey

a couple of weeks ago Robin and I decided, that we want to get out of Davis and relax a bit from work and without the whole hassle called phones, internet and laptops.

So the original idea of Calistoga Spa was abandoned, main reason was money and lack of stuff todo there. So we decided togo to Monterey instead.

Or in other words, the epic discovery of rain and seafood.

somewhere at a state beach
Now why do I say this? Well it was raining all weekend and so we decided to just walk around in the rain and discover different foods.

friday dinner:
  • some pizza and some shrimps in thai sauce, rather bad...
saturday breakfast/lunch
  • Strammer Max, was nice for a change, but Robin was not to happy
  • German (Bavarian) Style Apple Pan Cake, very delicious, but a touch to big
saturday dinner
  • clam chowder
  • oysters Rockefeller
  • steamed clams in white wine sauce
  • maine lobster with shrimps, prawns and scallops
  • key lime pie (from now on referred to as a cheesecake...)
  • a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, Sonoma
  • couple of drinks
sunday breakfast
  • 3 different kinds of crepes (apple/apple sauce/spinach)
  • paper cup vanilla lattes
sunday lunch
  • mozzarella sticks and sirloins dip sandwiches
sunday dinner
  • chicken soup, cause I caught a cold somehow. Maybe it was all the rain or me being underway on the motorcycle in the rain. Well I'm out of commission right now.
she's chasing seal's, I'm chasing her

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