Sunday, February 27, 2011

wetlands - the third trip

A couple of days ago there were a couple of storms in Davin and the surrounding area and so we thought It would be great to visit the wetlands again.
Sadly most of the water drained already of the street and instead of a muddy adventure, we just had to deal with paddles and dirt roads. Which promptly made me feel overconfident in my offroad driving abilities...
Thanks god I got lucky and did not skid of the road into the creek, after all it got a bit scary for a second. But drifting at 40mph was fun :)

To say I enjoyed it is a clear understatement and it gave me sometime to teach robins sister a couple of things about photography and different lenses.

This days motto was, reflections and so It was all about getting close and low angle shots.

Needless to say, tomorrow I'm going to wash the truck again. It's getting way to dirty and the windows were splattered in mud after this trip.
But I'm quite sure I had more fun in this car than the people in front off us in there brand new wanna be SUV's. Driving around every puddle. It does have some advantages to have an old car, where you don't care if you have a scratch more or a ding in the pain.

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