Tuesday, January 04, 2011


About 3 years ago my parents gave me a cookbook for christmas, which contained a couple of rather delicious dishes. Like gravlax. Sadly I was always to scared to actually try to make this dish. Fish poisoning and so on.

Well today I finally managed to get to it and make this dish. After all I have about 4-6 times sushi a month and so it should be not that difficult.

After searching for a couple of days I bought previously frozen salmon from the local speciality store, aka nuggets for an astonishing 50$. I used to buy whole salmons for 20$ a couple years back...

This nettoed me 2 filets with 3lbs in total. A touch pricey, but than they sell gravlax for 10$ a 1/4 lbs. So I should come out ahead and have the satisfaction of making it myself.

Preparing it for it's destiny, yes we still have our christmas tree in the kitchen!

Also this dish required the following tools:

  • espresso machine, to provide me with a coffee to wake up
  • laptop with recipes
  • book to crosscheck and see differences
  • random onions, which have nothing todo with this recipe. They are for the tenderloin, which we gonna have later tonight...
  • mini scale, because I fail at using tablespoons and cups
  • sun glases, for no special reasons

anyway here is the salmon awaiting it's tasty fate:

after added the salt/pepper/sugar mixture, the dill and putting the second filet on top. It turned out that they sold me two left ones, which makes it rather uneven...

after trimming of excess dill and wrapping it into plastic foil to keep the juices in

we are ready to put this into the fridge and defend it for the next 48h from curious roommates and so.

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