Saturday, January 15, 2011

Crepes + Espresso == Saturday

7 am, like every saturday morning I like to start the morning with something tasty and simple to eat. So after considering the fact that I didn't had crepes for a long long time I decided to make some for breakfast. Obviously knowing me this meant I had to take another nap to make sure that this is a good idea.

2 hours later, I finally manage to get out of bed and running/stumbling down to the kitchen to be challenged with the eternal question. Do I actually have everything I need in the pantry. Or did the roommates beat me to the flour and eggs again.

I turned out I only had to 'steal' a lemon from my roommates stash and returned it 2 minutes later without it's zest. I think this is just a minor crime? After all I know I had a lemon somewhere in the fridge.

After combining all the standard ingredients,

I got painfully reminded that a roommate in the past highjacked my kitchen aid hand mixer and so I had to bring out the whisk again...

I swear the day I get a permanent visa I am going to buy a 500$ kitchen aid artisan mixer and call it a day.

now the final product with a nice shot of espresso was rather tasty and a good start into a saturday filled with work. I really need to write the talk for my berkley visit now.

Thank you mum and dad for the espresso machine, it really enriches every morning of my live.

p.s. yes I shared the crepes with one of the roommates.

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