Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yesterday I finally got the right oil delivered and so it was time to replace the transmission fluid. Which was remarkable easy.

  • get the car somewhat level
  • unscrew the filling bolt
  • put a oil pan below the drain bol
  • unscrew the drain bolt
  • drain it
  • make coffee
  • screw in the drain bolt
  • find handpump and pump the oil in till it overflows
  • replace the handpump after 2 quarts, with a new pump because it broke
  • screw in the fill plug
  • tighten it all to specs (25-28 foot pound)
  • cleanup any oil spills and the bell housing with ester based cleaners
  • drive around and be happy how simple it shifts now
the only issue I encountered is that I only managed to put about 4.5 quarts of oil in and not 5.1 or so as it was called for. I think I need to drive it a bit and than fill it up at a spot where the car is perfectly level.

Now I just have to learn which O2 sensor is broken and replace this on. And to replace/relocate the knock sensor. It's going to be fun...

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