Monday, November 15, 2010

review of my saturday projects.

Well the first prohject was rather simple. I wanted to use the smoker and completely fill it up. That we had a bbq on sunay was a perfect reason for me to make pulled pork.

Since this is a rather long procedure, well it needed some timing and the right amount of meat and I wanted to snack in between so my schedule was:

  • get 18-20 lbs of pulled pork ~20h smoke time, so get up at 5.30
  • get 2-3 lbs of trip tip ~3h smoke time, so will be done for an early lunch
  • get 2-3 lbs of ribs ~6-12h smoke time, so will be done as an early dinner
now we need to season all the stuff. So the night prior I put salt and pepper on it, rubbed it in and wrapped it in foil. The tri tip was bought seasoned, since it was on sale.

now in the morning we put all this into the smoker...
and started to smoke it over apple wood at 200F/93 Celsius for several hours...
the tri tip was done and rather delicious and makes for wonderful sandwhiches...
than there were the ribs, close to be done
and after 19 hours the shoulder was done and ready to be shredded into tiny pieces to make sandwiches from.

Which were rather amazing!

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