Saturday, August 28, 2010

this week was rather eventful

  • starting to move into a new place
  • installing a stering stabilizer on the bike (most complicated procedure done yet)
  • installing a new signal
  • installing crashbars
  • failed to install skid plate, cause I couldn't loosen the screws...
ok time to replace this signal...

removed all fairings to get there
installed signal
moving tank out of the way to get to gas tank bracket
installed new bracket and the steering stabilizer bracket after filing the mount to the right dimension also need to removed the handle bars
finished installed steering stabilizer with new handle bar bracket.
getting ready to remove the highway pegs (need to sale them) and installing the crashbars
washers are installed and the highway pegs are removed
crashbar is installed, off to the other side
everything is back together and completely installed.
the next step is going to install the skid plate and new fork springs.

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