Thursday, June 03, 2010

Day 14 - Benton to Twain Harte via Sonora Pass

on my last day of my journey I attempted to go over Sonora Pass again, which is now open again. And to say it's stunning, would be a slight understatement.

I would easily describe this as the most stunning part of the whole trip and also most challenging part. I think I never got higher than 3rd gear on the bike.

as you can see the pass is in the distance and still covered in snow
we are entering the pass by now and are still in the snow free zone, but it's pretty curvy and for some reasons people are advised to not use trailers.
at this point we are a bit higher and surround by snow and trees. The pass tops out at 9715 feet and it's one of the most beautiful rides I have ever done. I can't wait todo it again, maybe tomorrow...

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