Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This weekend was slightly surprising.

It started all with a sunny saturday afternoon and I'm riding home, taking my favorite freeway excit, leaving a curve and guess what? A gigantic puddle of oil is in front of me, cars to the left, cars to the right and so throw I went and nothing happened, except a skid. (Glad to was already out of the lean, otherwise...)

Oh wait a second there is this other car behind me skidding up to me and not being able to brake, so I accelerate into the intersection, which is empty bad red. See a white flash and a sign: Red Light violation 370$.

So home I got and spend the next day on a nice ride with ashley. She is starting to enjoy riding on the bike and afterward I was cleaning the chain and the oil off the bike from the day prior. And while doing this I happend to drop the bike onto the concrete and into some stuff in the garage.

The second it fell I knew this sounded expensive...
  • banged up and scratched exhaust
  • scratch front top fairing, arg
  • broken peg, annoying but not the big deal
  • dent in the tank
  • scratched frame saver, protecting the upper and lower fairing from breaking, yay :)
After all the only frustrating thing is the upper top fairing and the tank, cause these are pricey to replace. Which I'm not gonna do...

Pictures you want? Here they are!

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Ashley said...

Yellow and Blue go nice together. I really am starting to enjoy riding with you. I think the riding course will help give me a better sense and understanding of being on the bike, which will help me relax.