Friday, December 04, 2009

today I came home and found a huge package on the door step. What could it be?

Surprisingly my REI clothes came a week early and now I'm almost ready for germany this year. And quite sure that I'm not going to freeze again...

Only thing missing are socks and glove liners now. Yes I hate nothing as much as to freeze and as I know my girlfriend she want's to walk all over berlin in a middle of a blizzard...

  • jacket - wind/water proof
  • jacket liner - fleece
  • jacket liner - thermo
  • underarmor pants (base layer)
  • underarmor shirt (mid layer)
  • rei light weight shirt (base layer)
  • rei mid weight shirt (mid layer)
  • rei fleece pants (mid layer)
  • jeans (top layer)
  • gloves
  • hat
if this is not enough, I'm really running out of options....

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