Sunday, October 11, 2009

last night was a slightly different night of going out dancing
 a friend of mine called me earlier that she is hosting a vip event
at the dream ultra lounge in sacramento and obviously I wanted togo

I did not expsect that this meant free alcohol of any kind and as much as you want
the vip party turned out to be only 8 people, including the head of security
and owner of the club and a couple of models.

short it was a fun night

this morning I started to research what this actually cost to host such a party. The smallest package is one bottle of alcohol, a couple of mixers and admission for 8 people. This fun cost 350$

now what did we have was:

2 different kinds of vodka
1 bottle of spiced rum
1 bottle of martini
couple of mixers

and we were between 8 and 15 people. Just coming and going. Which translates into  a custom package of 1100$ and 4 hours spend.
Way to rich for my blood...

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