Saturday, September 19, 2009

because my spare part finally arrived last night I could attempt fixing my car again this morning and it took....

12 minutes in total, slight an improvement to the last time, when it took 5+ hours.

What did I do different?

  • I knew where the part was located, 4 hours saved
  • I cut the old sensor in the middle instead of fideling with it for an hour, 59 minutes saved
  • I did not remove the coolant reservoir this time, 10 minutes saved
now the bill in total come out to:
  • wrong part 80$ - thanks ECS for providing this, you send me the part for a 1.8T...
  • comfirming diagnostic 90$
  • right part 40$
  • so 230$ total
compared to the quoted 360$ of the shop

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