Monday, August 10, 2009

the last couple of days I spend on REI and configuring my new backpacking equipment list. It all started with YUBA. Why did nobody mentioned to me in 2005 how well contact's work in the middle of nowhere. Guess I have to thank Ashley for making me jump over my own shadow.

And after 5 years my old traveling/hiking backpack is tearing/ripping at a lot of different places and I doubt it survives a lot more trips and I got a good deal of use out of it.

  • 10+ plane trips
  • 4 seasons of snowboarding
  • driving with it all over CA
  • some day hikes
  • snowshoeing
So I think it was worth it to spend the money and the best gear I could afford and will do the same again.

By this standards I put a list of stuff together which I might need. Top of the list is
Now I need to figure out the clothing and cooking part. So far I'm dead set on titanium for cookware/stoves (Expensive, but light and supposed to last forever).
The final goal is to have a 3 - 5 days back setup of 15-20lbs. Which means only the D80 + 35mm F/2 lens and maybe the 90mm F/2.8

Good news is that I already have the tent, mattress pad and sleeping back for this. (8lb's all combined, maybe I do exchange the tend for a lighter version in september which is 3lbs and not 6lbs)

I guess in total I will end up at 1500$ depending on the end of season deals in October.

The one thing I'm unsure about is, If I should do it right and get the best waterfilter on the market or not. Is it worse it to risk an infection/illness to save 150$?

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