Thursday, July 16, 2009

well our weekly gamenight turned out to be something special this week.
This time we got:

  • fantastic food, like always
  • a fun group of people, like always
  • a new game

here it comes,

live music from the touring band "Jen & Abby", which promptly let to an improved photo shoot, while they were performing for us, since they needed some pictures.

Now this put me into a challenging position, how the hell are I'm supposed to take pictures...
  • awe full location, a cluttered living room is just plain bad
  • not able to move anyone around, since I don't want to interrupt there beautiful music
  • no subject/background seperation
well since the girls where young and had great skin, the solution was simple. Just drop a couple of spotlights on them and let the rest of the world go black. I also tried some high keys, but they did not work at all.

Note for later, I could had used a 85mm F/1.4 so badly...

So they are not my best work, but for the circumstances they turned out pretty well.

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