Sunday, July 26, 2009

if I would had the chance to start over with my whole photo equiqument I would now have a rough idea what to buy and what I want:

  • D700
  • Nikkor 85mm F/1.4 ( I want to buy this lens since 2 years now and can never convince my self to spend the 1300$ on it, maybe for my 28th birthday)
  • 50mm F/1.8 (own it, 1.4 would be nice, but not really needed)
  • 35mm F/2 (my most used lens on cropped sensors)
  • 3 x SB-600 (got them)
  • 1 x SB-900 (got it)
well I got most of the stuff, I just need
  • D700
  • 85mm F/1.4
and guess If I sell some of my stuff
  • 70-200mm F/2.8 - 600$ (love the quality, hate the weight + AF)
  • D200 + Grip 500 - 600$
  • D80 + Grip 400 - 500$
  • sigma 10-20 - 350$
I would be still 2000$ short. Guess I wait 2 more years till they announce the D700 successor and upgrade than. I'm just really missing the low light intensity and after playing with a D700 last night, well I can only say I'm impressed over and over again.

But hey you never know what live throws at you...

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