Sunday, June 21, 2009

well since this month turned out to be much more pricey than planned

  • ticket to germany 700$
  • visa fee 200$
  • conference fee 200$ (should get reimbursed in the next view weeks)
  • smoker 350$ (including needed stuff like coal and wood)
and next month is going to be the same game
  • rent deposit 500$
  • last month rent 500$
  • paying rent for 2 places 750-1000$
well I need a new cheap hobby, which won't cost more than 50$ a month and the eququiment should be also affordable/rentable.


I will try to pick up free climbing, which will also help me to conquer my fear of heights. And also will try to survive on 500$ of food (so no more chocolate and soda)

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