Thursday, June 11, 2009

so the smoker finally arrived and so we started to cook our first dish.

The lesson of the day? It's not worth it to cook a single chicken, since you need way to much charcoal and wood for it. It was like 5$ worth of charcoal.

lesson 2:

one chicken is not enough, they are so damn tasty you want a second one 5 minutes later

how too?

  • soak chicken in solution of salt and sugar for 2 hours
  • try chicken
  • put pepper on chicken
  • preheat smoker to 250 degrees fahrenheit
  • leave chicken in there for 3h
  • try to understand where you need to put the thermometer and figure out why it constantly looses connection
  • figure out a way to kill the coals and wood once you are done, since it makes me nervous as hell to leave the bbq on over night and going to bed
  • carve the chicken, executed by ashley!

get more chickens and repeat!

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