Wednesday, June 03, 2009

so it's always sunny in Philadelphia? Nah it's a freaking lie! Never believe in TV Shows! Why are I'm surrounded by thunderstorms and rain.

I should had brought shoes besides sandals...

Anyway the poster presentation is done and the response was quite nice. It also looks that everybody starts to agree with our point:

You need a database for your results!

So the last 7 years start to pay off. Several people congratulated us to the software we wrote and are highly impressed. I'm still surprised that I was brave enough to actually participate in the discussion, in front of 300 people about the different approaches to annotate massspecs. Who all have fancy titles and are accepted experts in the field of metabolomics.

What else, the first people which were fun to hangout with already left and so I have to work again tonight to find new people to talk too.

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