Monday, May 18, 2009

it's been quiete lately, which is mostly related to the fact that I discovered that Alexandre Dumas wrote a complete series about the adventures of D'Artangan.

And so I'm slowly fighting my way throw his books and love my ebook reader more and more and can't understand how I could live without it. I mean it's so great to lay at the pool and read gigantic novels in the sun, in such a tiny device.


  • the three musketeers

  • 20 years later
  • the man in the iron mask
  • the vicomte de bragelonne
  • 10 years later
  • Loiuse de la Valliere
and that's just one author...

so all i can say if you like to read and like to read classic novel, get your self an ebook reader, but be prepared to go missing...

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