Friday, March 06, 2009

Well tonight I decided to drive to sac quick, on my road bike, in the hope to get back in shape.

Lessons learned:

- I'm out of shape, an average speed of 28km/h is nothing to brag aboutLink
- do not ride in the dark if you are night blind, it got dark after I was half to sac
- harbor blvd in sac is a scary place at night in spandex...
- I really want to do this more often
- I am going to buy aero bars, since the causeway was just a straight line for 10 miles
- Santana is not the best music to ride too
- take a camera with you next time, there were so gorgeous reflections in the wildlife area

Short once you hit the causeway it's really fun

And tomorrow we go snowshoeing and taking pictures in Tahoe!

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