Sunday, December 14, 2008

well, well, well

now that radio popper finally sells the radiopopper juniors, well I got a little dilemma.

It would cost me 350$ for a set of 2 x transmitter, 4 x receiver and I would loose TTL (which I just don't care for) and high speed sync (kinda sucks), but get radio controlled slaves.

what does this get me?

  • each camera has a small transmitter now, no more swapping the SB-900 from a --> b
  • all my sb-600 get's a receiver
  • my sb-900 get's a receiver
  • friends just buy a transmitter and can use my flash and other way around
so I can control all flashes from all cameras all the time


I could add alianbees to the bunch \o/ and use all my speed lights


I can use my SB-900 now as flash instead of master which doubles the power of my little softbox \o/

...I guess I have to go shopping soon...

2 x $99 JrX Transmitter + JrX Receiver Basic Kit
2 x $59 JrX Receiver Basic Individual

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