Thursday, November 06, 2008

another strobist meeting and we are making progress with learning how to use the softbox.

Lesson of the meeting:

  • if it's dark, don't trust the display since your eyes get more sensitive to light (it's obvious, but i keep forgetting it)
  • I really have to learn how to read histograms
  • if you shoot in the dark, bring a powerful flash light (in my case I should buy one)
  • find a way to mount a flash light
  • don't forget to use your white card
what I'm good at?
  • relax people and comfort them
  • stupid jokes
what differs me from other photographers?
  • the model is the middle of the attention and not just a prop
  • I really try to work with the people and relax them if they are nervous or make them laugh
  • provide as much feedback as possible
  • keep as much distance as possible and shoot mostly at 150-200mm outsides, 35 - 55mm does not really work for me most of the time

anyway some pictures from the last night

Kiko (just during talking and playing with her, gallery is here):

Kim (posed, by scott and taken by me):

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