Wednesday, October 22, 2008

well I'm guess I'm set now and only need paying customers to make my money back. I just found this incredible deal on a D200 + Battery grip + 2nd battery = 750$ - 180$ cashback.

For information, this was the camera I originally wanted to buy last year, but I went with the D80 since it was 800$ cheaper and I could not convince myself to spend so much money for a camera. Now I ended up with both of them.

What does the D200 provides me with?

can shoot 22 pics in a row instead of 4 with the D80
can shoot at 5 fps instead of 3 with the D80
stronger AF motor
weather sealed
meters with any nikon lens ever released. And the old lenses can be bought cheap.


85mm F/1.4 Nikon = 1100$
85mm F/1.4 Nikon AIS = 400 - 500$

now who would like to hire me? I'm cheap to get so far...

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