Saturday, September 06, 2008

well the metabolomics conference in boston is now more or less over and it was quite an interresting experience. Basically during the day you attended several very nice talks (I even understood something of the biochem talks), walk around and look at some posters or be in little meetings with people to present the binbase system.

Well the presentation would have been much easier if you would had access to the internet and if the hotel would not have blocked all my webpages, which was pretty annoying. basically I was only able to present the administration frontend to several people who all liked it and the possibilities it gives you. The query speed was not exceptional fast, since the hotel connection was extremly slow and i discovered several bugs during the presentation, but they will be fixed easily.
Basically I need a feature which shows the user what's happening right now and have to change the error handling.
We also noticed that all people like the idea behind our system and were impressed by it, but they all told me that it needs to support quadropoles, lcms and GCxGC to be really successfull. Right now I guess the easiest and most important feature needs to be quadropole support and I'm going to invest a couple of my weekends to add this on my own, if people send me some test data which are created to our standard method.

The best parts were like always the evenings, we basically hit on bar after another which I notice quiete baddly on my checking account, basically you spend on a nght easily 30 - 40$ for drinks and additional 20 - 30$ for food. But well you get connections and connections are important in live and for your future career. It also gave me the chance to talk a bit with the developers of mzmine and to get a rough idea what kind of talk I have to prepare for finnland. Right now it looks like a short overview what we do, where is the problem and how we do it. I also guess I have to prepare an in detail talk for the developers to demonstrate the concepts.

What's about boston as a town? Well it's just a beautiful city and I'm defnatly going back here for some vacation, since I was pretty limited and had barley any time to take pictures. Anyway you can find a couple of shots here

Now I just have to find a way to get back to davis, since I'm pretty worried that the hurricane is going to kill my flight connection over washington. They shut down the airport for several hours yesterday and most likley do it again tomorrow...

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