Sunday, September 21, 2008

Me and my stupid Idea, for some reason I wanted to go fishing an made sure about everything...

  • like the fishes? check
  • can afford it? check
  • camera can survive it? check
  • nice company? check
  • are i'm able to get up at 3.00, well I didn't sleep so yes, check
  • do I have cloth for this? check
i only forgot one small details...

I'm getting easily sea sick,

well result of the day:

  • getting picked up at 3.40
  • arriving in berkley around 5.00
  • getting on the boat and leave the area
  • happily snapping pictures of the san francisco bay
  • arriving at the spot around 8.00
  • donating my breakfast to posidion, 8.01
  • laying down, 8.02
  • donating my lunch to posidion, 3.00 pm
  • coming back into the bay area and try to ish for 10 minutes and wreck the fishing rod
  • arriving in port around 5.30 and was not able to catch a single fish and got sponsored by donations
what a waste of 130$ and a perfectly fine salami

The complete gallery of 1001 golden gate pictures can be found here

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