Monday, August 11, 2008

well the post processing is done and I got lots of very beautiful shots out of it and think Kim is going to be very happy.
It also gave me the chance to test some new methods of post processing

  1. overexposed by two stops to archive this classic pin up high contrast look.

  2. This picture was just beautiful composition wise but totally out of focus, well 15 minutes of work transform it into a classic piece of art :)

  3. Kim was trying to reach for her daughter (which tried to knock over my light stands) and I really like the dynamic of this composition (sadly the framing is a bit off)

  4. just a beautiful mum and daughter picture

  5. Well I went a little bit nut's with the lightning, contrast and exposure brush but boy it looks cool!

  6. slightly out of focus but after all a very nice composition with some simple post processing

  7. well simple black and white and just looks nice

  8. it feels nice to look sexy

  9. and last but not least, it's always sunny in davis...

all the post processing was done using only adobe lightroom, which shows the power of this program quite well. And I had a lot of fun :)

The rest of this set can be found under zenfolio

all the pictures where taken using a Nikon D80, available light and a nikon 35mm F/2 or Tamron 70-200mm F/2.8

And really the last picture,

Just using the sun and the shade in some trees without any post processing.

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