Sunday, August 31, 2008

well I'm sitting here and look at the pictures I took with the DP-1 from sigma and have to say that I'm very very happy that I did not buy this camera. It's not the fault of the camera, the pictures are nothing special, but very nice for such a small camera and the handling of the camera was very good, but boy the software sucks. I never saw just an ugly piece of software. Even the nikon software is nices, which says a lot..

Well my current result

  • manual focus is nice
  • fixed lens is interesting, but bad on a compact camera, some zoom would be nice
  • it's just to pricey, half the price would be good
  • software is impossible to use
  • manual controls work very well
final conclusion, lets wait 1 - 2 years or see what the EVIL standard brings.

I'm also so frustrated right now and really tempted to just buy anything. But for some reason all the things which are interesting are out of stock...

Well time to go back on the balcony and wait that the hawk which is circling my house finally lands somewhere close enough for me.

I can convince myself to buy a 300mm F/4 (out of stock) but why the hell is there no 400mm F/4 of F/5.6? the next bigger lens from nikon is the 400mm F/2.8 for 5k+ or the 500mm F/5.6 for 5k+ too.

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