Tuesday, July 01, 2008

well after I got my second flash a couple of weeks ago, I thougth it's time to throw everything I know about lighting overboard, like use softlight, umbrellas, indirect light yadda yadda yadda...

And just used hard light and try to limit my self to a perspective of 35mm and 50mm. Main reason for this I want to figure out if I'm going to buy the nikon 35mm f/2. I'm only thinking about this particular lens since 2 years.
Nachdem mein zweites Blitzgeraet vor einieger zeit geliefert wurde, dachte ich es ist doch mal wieder zeit ein bissel mit meiner kamera herumzuspielen. Gesagt getan und um das ganze etwas interressanter zu machen benutzte ich nur ein 35 und 50mm objektiv und 'hartes' licht statt weiches licht.

In den meisten faellen ist es ganz gut geworden, ausser das hartes licht nunmal die eigentschafft hat alles zu enthuellen.

Ah yes all the pictures are roughly 1 - 2 stops underexposed which works fine for the black & white, but in case of the color pictures they are a little bit to dark. After all it was just an experiment which needs to be refined now.

Lesson learned:

  • get a 35mm F/2 or 30mm F/1.4
  • control your shadows better, some a off
  • needs a lot of post processing, so far I did none
  • hard light does not work well, if angled on skin
  • nikon's CLS communication is not always up to the speed of shooting

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