Saturday, May 10, 2008

the lack of code quality in open source software, particular maven.

  • why is it that you can't download a program, follow the installation procedure and it just works?
  • why is it that a program version is marked at stable and released to the public and does not do what it's supposed todo?
    • i don't expect it to be flawless, but it should provide some working results
  • why is it that maven 2.0.6 is not compatible to the plugins of 2.0.5?
    • there are standards to version software
    • a 1.0.2 version has to be able to work on the data of a 1.0.1 version without errors
    • a 2.0.0 version does not have to be compatible to a 1.9.9 version.
    • a 1.2.* version should be compatible to a 1.1.9 but it doesn't have to be
  • why does maven fail to install particular packages in a multi module project
    • i use the software and build software it, it makes me look bad if I have to work around bugs in very unprofessional ways
    • a user should not be expected to get a documentation for compiling a software like this
short why is there not a certain amount of code quality in maven, every time I use a new plugin I spend at least 2 hours to work around it bugs and get it started.

For example eclipse does not have these problems, they have a stable system to release projects and to make sure that they are stable. Why can't be maven like this?

What is the result of these issues? I consider to download the latest maven sourcecode and start to develop my own maven2 fork. just to get to a working standard which works like it's expected.

...yes I hate to waste my time on things I shouldn't have to, specially if it's my weekend.

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