Friday, May 23, 2008

Now that work calmed a little bit down and I'm now under wedding stress (actually it's pretty relaxed for me, i just need to decide which people we are going to invite and where are we putting all the people)

Anyway back to what I wanted to write about, a new day and a new idea. Last night I was sitting in the office till 4 am and trying to fix a problem. Of the spend hours the most time I was just sitting there and waiting for stuff to compile, deploy, start application server, install clusters, short I spend most of the time waiting.

Now who want's to wait, because he just changed some variables and has to redeploy everything to see if it works?

Not me for this reason I'm learning now yet another programming language. This time it's groovy.


because you can include into java or java into groovy, since they both generate the same byte code which will be executed.

And I don't really like to mess around with python ==> jython ==> java. It's well to much of a mess.

The next thing is, I have to write a website. Which I will no do with the hype product rails. Now rails is written in ruby, which I have zero intention to learn. Ruby is just to slow and I'm missing the point of ruby.

But well there is groovy on rails, which seems to be a very cool package.

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