Sunday, February 17, 2008

oracle is back to live after a long time - 36h give or take,

procedure was:

  1. connect sqlplus sys/******* as sysdba
  2. shutdown immediate
  3. startup nomount
  4. restore control file
  5. shutdown abort
  6. startup mount
  7. exit
  8. export MALLOC_CHECK_=0
  9. rman catalog rman/******@BACKUP target sys/******
  10. restore database
  11. recover database
  12. alter database open resetlogs;
a simple 9 step procedure once you got it all figured out and just because a ******** barge hat to cap the cables at the sacramento river and took me out of business.

Helpfull links: this

or like a wise man said:

boss: how long do you need to fix the problem?
wise man: 10 seconds after I found the solution

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