Wednesday, February 06, 2008

i finally managed to get my continius integration system running in the way I like it. The current configuration contains:

1 x Bamboo trial license
1 x Trac for issue management
1 x maven2

and tests my code against the following services:

1 x oracle 10g - filled using DBunit snapshots
1 x postgres8 (todo)
1 x jboss 4.2.*
1 x rocks linux cluster 4.3 - simulated using vmware server (2 nodes,1 frontend)

and all this runs on my 3year old workstation and performs quite well.

The official address is currently: bender

now I just need to get a Bamboo license for our opensource projects and write a lot more testcode. I just wished I would had started such a thing 3 years ago, since it would make things a lot simpler...

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